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A Chicago DUI lawyer will help those who need to defend themselves in court for DUI violations. If you are charged for traffic violations under DUI or some other offence then you probably need the services of a Chicago DUI lawyer who specializes in such cases and can defend you against charges pending in any court in Chicago or anywhere in the whole state.

Common Violations A Chicago DUI lawyer Can Help With:

Your Chicago DUI lawyer could help with such common violations as:

1. Drunk Driving (Driving under the Influence, DUI)

2. Reckless Driving

3. Leaving the Scene of an Accident involving Property damage or Personal injury

4. Speeding, Revoked or Suspended license

5. Possession of drugs like Marijuana

6. Road rage

7. Other disorderly conduct offenses, etc.

The loss of your driving privileges means hardship for you and trouble to those around you who have to drive you around. Also, charges and convictions under DUI and traffic violations can affect important matters like your car insurance premiums and possibly even your right to drive for weeks, months or sometimes even years.

It would be wise to consult with a experienced Chicago DUI lawyer before you plead guilty on a driving under the influence charge. Do not file for informal or formal hearing to restore your driving privileges unless under the express advice of your Chicago DUI lawyer. You may be eligible for traffic school or for a restricted driving permit or reinstatement with the Secretary of State's office regarding which your Chicago DUI lawyer will advice you.

To defend clients for Driving under the Influence cases (DUI) or traffic tickets, your Chicago DUI lawyer can negotiate with the State Attorney's Office, so even if you are living out of state, you may not have to commute back and forth for your court case. Your Chicago DUI lawyer can negotiate this with the Attorney's Office to avoid personal appearance by clients and minimize time-consuming and costly DUI litigation.

Traffic Violations

There are two kinds of traffic violations, both of which may require the services of a Chicago DUI lawyer:

a. Non-moving violations

b. Moving violations

Non-moving violations involve illegal parking, parking in front of a fire hydrant, parking in non-parking zones or at an expired meter. Parking tickets are different for each suburb. (In the City of Chicago parking tickets are a bright orange color.) A parking ticket may be contested by either an in-person hearing or by mail. It may not require the services of a Chicago DUI lawyers in most cases.

Moving violations include offenses such as speeding, reckless driving and driving under the influence. Some of these offences may be punishable by a loss of your driver's license, jail and/or fine. To defend yourself against these charges it it best to get the help/advice of a seasoned Chicago DUI lawyer. If you are convicted for three moving violations in the same year it may result in the suspension of your driver's license by the Secretary of State. Also, once recorded on your driving record, these convictions may result in insurance cancellation or increased insurance premiums.

There are a variety of legal defenses which your Chicago DUI lawyer will be able to explain to you. It may be possible to get your case dismissed, or to obtain a plea bargain in order to minimize the penalties. You may be eligible to attend Traffic Safety School to avoid a judgment of conviction.

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