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Slip And Fall Accidents

Chicago slip and fall lawyers can help you recover damages for the injury caused to you because of slip and fall accidents that occur through no fault of your own. These accidents occur when property owners who are responsible for maintaining a safe environment fail to warn visitors of potential hazards, such as wet, slippery, or uneven walking surfaces and areas in disrepair that may cause personal injury.

According to Chicago slip and fall lawyers, injuries of this type that occur at another person's property happen all too often. A wet floor, a slippery parking lot, an ill maintained stairwell, and potholed pathways are all potential slip and fall hazards. If you have been injured by a slip and fall, Chicago slip and fall lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

It makes no difference if the premises are a residential or a commercial property according to Chicago slip and fall lawyers. Chicago slip and fall lawyers will advise you that these accidents are covered by negligence law and deal with the concept of premises liability. Property owners have a responsibility to see that their property is safe for visitors and residents.

According to Chicago slip and fall lawyers the owner should ensure that his building is safe and free from defects, which can cause accidents; it should be safe both on the inside and the outside. They should also provide certain amount of safety against bad weather conditions. Chicago slip and fall lawyers state that you also have a duty to exercise reasonable care, so if you are running on icy sidewalk and fall you will share a part or most of the blame.

Your Responsibility To Prove It

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, try to determine the cause of your fall.

1. Could it have been prevented if reasonable care had been taken?

2. Did anybody witness the fall? Get their names, phone numbers and address; you may need to contact them in case you decide to pursue the case.

3. What was the reason for your fall? Can you get a sample of what you slipped on?

4. Were the managers and staff aware of the situation?

Remember it is your sole responsibility to prove that area was hazardous and lead to your accident. Unless you have the proof for this nothing will come out of your case say the Chicago slip and fall lawyers.

The property owner owes you the duty of care. Your Chicago slip and fall lawyer will help you determine if the property owner has failed in his duty. As with most personal injury cases, it is important to talk to one of your Chicago slip and fall lawyers as soon as possible after your injury. Time factor is very important in such cases and recording witness accounts and gathering evidence will have to be done as soon as possible. Begin negotiations with your Chicago slip and fall lawyer before the evidence is lost.

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