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How can this be free?

Of course, we have to be compensated for our work. That is a business fact of life. This is how our service is free to you. If you have any additional questions about our fees, please ask. Our most frequent questions are answered below:

Question: How are you able to provide this service?
Answer: When the lawyer that we recommend decides to take your case, that lawyer agrees to pay us a "referral fee." This "referral fee" may be a percentage of their fee or a specific, set amount of money.
Question: Does your referral fee influence your recommendation?
Answer: The referral fee in no way affects who we recommend. In every case, we recommend the best lawyer we feel best suits your specific needs.
Question: Will using your service end up in me paying higher fees to my Lawyer?
Answer: This referral fee in no way affects the amount of money your case is worth, and in no way affects the final cost that you pay to the recommended layer.
Question: How do you and my Lawyer decide on your referral fee?
Answer: Our referral fee is governed by the Illinois State Bar Association ethics code and the Laws of the State Of Illinois.

Remember, our service is completely free to you!

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